Hello and welcome to my blog. The primary reason I have this blog is for a graduate class I am taking at the University of Regina. I am currently enrolled in the master’s program in education at the U of R focusing on curriculum and instruction. This isn’t the first time I have blogged. I have blogged in an undergraduate class and never kept up with it. I have also used a blog to keep in touch with family as I travelled through Europe and have used a form of a blog in my classroom as well.

My hope is that I will learn a lot about media literacy and digital citizenship from my class I am taking. This blog will serve as my outlet to share my thoughts and things I have learned about in the class. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on my posts and appreciate any feedback/criticism so I can improve my blog.

As far as my personal life goes I am a wife and mom to two little ones. I have what is apparently called the million dollar family composed of one boy and one girl. Both of my kids were born in June and are two years apart. My son was born in 2013 and my daughter just this past June so things have been very busy. I graduated from the University of Regina in 2008 with a Bachelor in Education. I subbed for a little bit and did some travelling before I ended up with my permanent contract at Regina Huda School (an associate school of Regina Public Schools). I teach high school math and business courses. I played hockey while attending the U of R playing of the Cougars and I still continue  to play. I also play soccer and I love to golf. Travelling is a passion of mine and something that I was very fortunate enough to be able to do before having kids. My dream would be to someday travel the world with my kids because I think travelling is such a great life experience. You can learn so much when you travel.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you learn something or take something away from my blog! Enjoy.


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