Course Prototype – Final Thoughts

I think I have to start by saying congrats to everyone on a job well done with your prototypes. The people I reviewed did an excellent job and I found that by exploring yours I learned a lot about what our group could change in order to make our course even better than it is now.

This semester I was lucky enough to work with Andrew and Nancy again – they are such a great team to work with in class and at work. Andrew was kind enough to jump on board with Nancy and I to help develop this course even though he most likely won’t teach it. There are parts that he can easily use within the courses he teaches but Nancy and I will be the ones using it most. We decided to take the Digital Citizenship Continuum and develop a blended course around that which can be used in our computer classes that we teach. If you want to find out more about how we got started I recommend reading my post about the beginning of our project. We decided to explore Canvas and use that for our LMS – you can read more about that here. We tried to integrate some different learning opportunities for the students along with different platforms to use for students to connect with one another. 

After reviewing other courses and getting feedback we realized that we forgot a very important aspect of the course profile – demographics and accessibility concerns. We really only stated that the course was intended for high school students in a technology course. We went back and made some changes to our profile and have updated it in this google document.

Since we work together we decided to get together over the lunch hour to screencast our thoughts on our feedback.

I’m hoping that by the start of next year we have all of the modules developed in order to implement it in our classes. In the future I’d like to work with a middle years and primary teacher to develop content that would be appropriate for those age groups because I think this is an important topic for students to learn at an early age. For the primary grades we may have to develop something using a site that is more user friendly than Canvas as I don’t think young students would be able to navigate it.

I will be using Canvas to develop my math courses in the future as well. I currently use Edmodo to manage my courses but I think Canvas is better suited to my needs.

If you want to check out what we have done so far go to Canvas and login with the information below.
Login Information:
Password: reviewer123


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