Ding Ding Ding! Round 3!

EC&I 830 is round 3 for me with Alec and Katia. I took EC&I 832 in the fall and EC&I 831 in the winter semesters. Use the categories on my blog to check back at some of the previous work I have done in these classes. I learned a lot from both classes and I know I will learn just as much from this class. I’m really looking forward to the different structure of the classes with the “great tech debates” and discussions that will follow.

A family photo with Mickey Mouse

A family photo with Mickey Mouse

As for myself, I am a high school teacher with Regina Public Schools at Regina Huda School. If you are unfamiliar with the Huda school I encourage you to check out our website and find out a little more about our school. I am currently on maternity leave with baby number two who is not so much a baby anymore. She will be 1 in June and our son will be 3 in June – that’s right, two June babies – as if June isn’t crazy enough for teachers I had to add two birthdays in there haha. I love sports and being active. I have played soccer and hockey my whole life and was a member of the University of Regina Cougars hockey team from 2004-2008. I think that everyone should be a part of a team or club at some point in their life. There are so many skills that you learn from playing sports and being part of a team and it opens up a lot of different opportunities and experiences for you as well.

I teach high school Math and Business classes (Accounting, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship). I use technology in all my classes in some form. In my Math classes I use Edmodo to help me run a “flipped” classroom in which students watch lessons at home and we do the homework in class so I can be there to help with any problems. My last year at school was the first year I ran my classroom this way and it was a really great experience. I will be working on improving the system moving forward. In my Personal Finance class I have students blog about what they are learning and have them relate it to their lives. I want to change the way I use blogs in this class when I get back to work in the fall. I will be using Twitter in more of my classes too. If you want to follow me on twitter you can find me at @MrsMurray15.

I am looking forward to connecting with you and learning with you this semester. If you would like to know more about the flipped classroom model that I have been working on, please comment below or contact me on Twitter. I’d love to tell you more!



13 thoughts on “Ding Ding Ding! Round 3!

  1. Very cool! I look forward to hearing more about your flipped classroom. Last year, I ran my classes blended. This year I am teaching fully online with two days a week as the online support teacher at a school.


    • Very interesting! Is the school you are teaching at a high school? Or a different type of educational institution? What courses are you teaching?


    • I use it in my math classes only thus far. I have done Pre-Calc 10 and both Foundations and Pre-Calc at the grade 11 level. I decided to try it out about 1/3 into my first semester with one particular class that really seemed to be weak with their pre-requisite skills and who also had question after question during the lesson. I found that it was taking me almost a full hour to get through the material and that was leaving next to no time for them to work on their assignment and get help from me if needed. It also left a lot of practice to be done outside of the classroom. I started making my own lessons and then I was encouraged to check out different websites to find videos that would be helpful in saving me time. It is difficult at times to find lessons that match up well with the curriculum and textbook, but so far I have been able to find some great resources. Khan academy and Math10.ca have been very helpful. What grade do you teach?


  2. Hi Ashley, I’ve only used a flipped classroom through my grade 5/6 class, and I’m sure the accountability you could expect from high school students is much higher. Or so I hope 🙂


    • It’s a little hard to get the kids to buy in at the start but I am fortunate enough to have students that are pretty academic for the most part so they catch on quickly. They quickly catch on and realize that they have to watch the videos or they will be left behind because I don’t “teach” it. I will go over questions they have from the lessons and I will re-teach some components that I know might be more difficult for them, but the most time I spend at the board is 15 minutes…20 tops! If they don’t watch the videos they have to get a laptop and watch them in class which wastes more of their time that they can get help with assignment from me. When they watch the videos they have a handout that they have to fill in to follow along. Most students find that the videos are helpful to go back to when reviewing for exams. It’s worked out pretty good so far but I already know I can improve the system when I get back to work.


      • This seems like such a great learning opportunity for your students and really seems to put some accountability on them as the learner! Really neat!


  3. So glad we get to spend time learning together again Ashley! I had no idea you ran a flipped classroom – I’m so intrigued by this idea, but have not found a space to experiment with it in my role, yet. Maybe we’ll have to chat!


    • I find that it would be hard to do in a specialist position or as an elementary teacher. But then again I have never taught elementary so I can’t say for sure. I find it works for me because I don’t do it for all my classes, just the ones I think it fits well with. I have also only done 1 class per semester so far because I was trying it out. Now that I think it works well I want to try it in a few more of my classes. The nice part is that once you have all your videos and resources it is easy to plan from semester to semester. So that helps. You could always try with one class or lesson and see how it goes and work with it a little bit from there.


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  5. I can’t wait to learn with you again, Ashley! Just like Amy, I didn’t know you ran a flipped classroom for Math. I have heard that it can go really well, or not so well… I have been too overwhelmed to try it for myself. Sounds like it could be very functional and efficient for students!


    • It seems to work well for my students and the classes I teach, but it can be overwhelming and hard to get started. That’s why I started with just one class per semester last year. I will be using it in more classes (I hope) when I’m back in the fall. I also feel that it lends itself to some classes better than others.


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