Here’s to another great semester!

Once again this semester was full of meaningful information and great discussions. I love that the information we discuss is so relevant and meaningful to our lives both in and outside of school. I had a lot of trouble trying to summarize my learning into the 5-7 minute suggested timeframe. Last semester I did a powerpoint with a voiceover and it was extremely boring…and LONG! I wanted to make sure that I tried to get my points across this year without dragging things out into a 10+ minute presentation. I managed to summarize some of the highlights of my learning into just over five minutes. I say some of my learning because I really feel it’s almost impossible to sum up everything that I took away from this class.

I used videoscribe to create my video and it was a lot of fun! I used a free trial that is good for seven days but I wish there was a free version you could use permanently. I broke my learning down into four major categories that I thought summarized some of the topics we discussed this semester. I’ll provide a very brief summary below so that you can get an idea of what my video entails.

  1. Open Education – What is it? Who does it help? How can we be advocates for it?
  2. Connecting Online – How do we connect online? Social media use and blogging.
  3. Online Identity, Reputation and Privacy – The negative side of technology. How to protect ourselves online.
  4. Online Activism – Some say it’s taking the easy way out and isn’t very effective but they could be wrong.

It was difficult to try and pick what I wanted to talk about and I tried my best to summarize some of the key points. I should probably mention that I really gained a lot from Twitter this semester. I was able to actually make meaningful connections. I grew my followers by almost 100 people and participated in a few chats which were really awesome. I plan to continue checking in with the chats, especially #saskedchat on Thursday nights. I was also able to make good use of Hootsuite which is something I never got into last semester a lot.  I also had a lot more action on my blog this semester which made both Twitter and blogging a lot more purposeful and of course that much better!

I hope you enjoy my summary of learning and hope it does my learning justice! Thanks for all the great discussions, posts, tweets and comments this semester. Looking forward to working with some of you in future classes!


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