Italian 101: Social Media and the World Wide Web

I don’t have much to discuss this week as I haven’t tried out any new methods for learning Italian. But I did want to write so I can reflect on the last week and how I did with meeting my goals. Here are my goals from last week.

  1. Practice using Babbel or Mango at least once a day completing a minimum of two lessons per day. This should help me gain some speaking confidence and learn some useful things as well. I want to try stay away from Duolingo for a lot of the reasons that Vanessa discusses.
  2. Look for a Facebook group to join.
  3. Check out the pen pal exchange group I came across on Twitter to see how it works.

I practiced daily with Babbel, but didn’t use Mango because I didn’t have the app on my phone. I finally downloaded it so will use it from time to time from now on. I didn’t do more than one lesson most days and that’s because the lessons took me longer to complete than I had originally thought. I wish I could devote an hour each day to practice, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day so I have to make do with what I can fit in throughout the day. I also managed to work with Duolingo on an almost daily basis even though I said I would avoid it (I just can’t seem to escape it haha!). I think what keeps brining me back to Duolingo is the simplicity and the repetition. When I work with Duolingo my confidence seems to be higher and I feel like I actually know some Italian even though I still just know words.

I did look for a Facebook group to join and joined it but nothing has been posted since February 13th, so it’s not a very active group. I will keep an eye out for posts and see how it goes, if it doesn’t pick up then I will try find another group to join. It seems that there aren’t many groups that would be worthwhile to join but I could be wrong. After searching on Facebook I decided to try and expand my PLN on Twitter and Instagram. Here’s a list of the people I am following on each platform:

Twitter: @MargieMiklas@travelitalian1@ItalyMagazine@italianvocvoc@italian_easy@ItalianLearn@Turismoromaweb@LucreziaOd

Instagram: lucreziaoddone, italianwordoftheday, italian_teacher

I didn’t look into the pen pal exchange group either. I guess it’s because I still don’t feel confident enough to be a pen pal and communicate without the help of my resources. I suppose that any conversation will be better than nothing even if it is with the help of resources. My goal is to have a conversation by March 7th, so that gives me next week to attempt to connect with someone.

I was catching up with the forum/chat I was part of on Dulingo and I found some great websites that can help me learn some Italian. I plan to spend some time on these sites this next week while using instagram and twitter as well. I will continue to use Duolingo, Babbel and Mango when I can. I will be travelling this next week so as long as the kids can stay entertained or sleep on the plane I will have a few hours to practice.

The sites I was introduced to are: The Italian Experiment and Italy Magazine. I also found online radio stations that I can listen to and News in Slow Italian. I’ll try to find some time to work with these as well.

After reading Amy’s blog I thought I would try to list some of the words I know in Italian. The blue is my original spelling and the red is the corrected version. I have a lot of learning to do with word endings…does it end in e, i, o, a?? It all depends on the context so it can be tricky. I have some work to do with the spelling, but hopefully if I do this more often I will get better at it.



I should also mention that I tried to do a placement test for Duolingo and Mango and didn’t place any differently than I did at the start of the class which is a HUGE disappointment. But I know that I am learning. With some more practice on Mango I should be able to place further than Unit 1 Chapter 1 and as for Duolingo my fluency is up from 9% to 16% so I am making progress.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.48.46 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.57.17 PM


5 thoughts on “Italian 101: Social Media and the World Wide Web

  1. Thanks for the links, I am an Italian tutor and they look like they’ll come in useful with some of my students, I hadn’t come across any of them yet!

    If you have Facebook, I’ve found the page “Impariamo l’italiano” pretty good (I’m not affiliated with them in any way BTW!) They post new words/grammar/exercises daily.

    Best of luck with your progress! I love it when I come across new people that want to learn this language 🙂


    • I was also wondering if you would be able to lead me to any websites or apps that would be helpful in learning Italian? Are there any online learning communities that you would recommend? Maybe by the end of the semester I could Skype with you or a student that you could connect me to so I could practice a conversation? My skills are very limited although I have been practicing for about 7 weeks now. I have been using Duolingo primarily and have also been using Babbel. I’d love to connect with people who are in the very beginning stages. Any guidance or advice would be appreciated!

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  2. There are tons of online resources and apps to help practice your listening and reading skills, but I am a big advocate of conversation practice.

    I am on this site called for my online students, there you can find language partners for all sorts of languages (you can find an Italian that wants to learn your language so you can both spend time helping the other) or you can book a teacher or community tutor.

    I am a community tutor on it, which means I am not a qualified teacher, but I am native Italian and can help with conversation practice. Teachers tend to be more expensive but will have an actual lesson plan in place.

    This is my own profile page but as I said there are tons of other Italians on it as well.

    If you wanted to sign up to the site, I have an affiliate link you can use I get a small bonus if you sign up and have a paid session with someone. But I’m not here to tout for business, as I said you can sign up and find a language partner for free.

    I believe there are other similar sites as well, the best thing you can do is Google some reviews of them and then find one that suits you! Either way, regardless of your level starting to have conversations in Italian (and any other language you may be studying) are a massive step in my opinion in mastering a language. Sorry for the essay!


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