Summary of My Learning

It feels great to be finished the final piece of assessment for this course! It has been a semester filled with learning and with it quite a bit of work. There was a lot to read between the articles, blogs, Twitter and Google+ and at times it was a little overwhelming but it was worth it. Everything that was shared in class was so helpful and served a good purpose. I have to say that this has been the most interesting and beneficial grad class I have taken yet (although it is only my third).

For my summary of learning I did a screen cast of a Prezi that I created to walk you through my journey. I have never created a Prezi before but decided I would try it out because a lot of my students use it when they are presenting. It was pretty easy to use and they had some nice templates as well. The presentations are also saved online and you can use the service for free with the option to upgrade for a fee. I now understand why my students make such use of the service.

As I mention at the start of my video it was very difficult to discuss everything I learned this semester and it would have been impossible to touch on all of the topics without having a video that was an hour long (or more). I tried to talk about the topics that matter most to me – and the video still ended up quite lengthy. These topics had the biggest impact on me and I will be doing my best to use what I learned about these topics in class moving forward. I wasn’t able to talk about how much I actually began to enjoy Twitter this semester. I had used it before but I had never made real connections and really didn’t follow anything too closely. I now see Twitter as a great resource and tool for making connections with other leaders in our field. I will continue to use Twitter and will probably even integrate it into my classroom by using it to share what’s new and exciting in my classes.

I also didn’t have time to mention that I feel slightly disadvantaged taking this class while being on leave because there were so many things I wanted to try in my classroom but obviously couldn’t. I am really looking forward to getting back into the classroom even though it’s not until September. Although I feel like I missed out, I also feel like taking it on leave really gives me time to explore things and see what might work in my classroom or figure out how I can integrate things into my class when I return. I feel like in some ways when I return to work that I will be a brand new teacher!

Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts and ideas this semester. It was great to hear from everyone and learn from you. I hope I was able to  impact your learning as well. I hope to keep in touch via Twitter and see how we are making a difference in our classrooms.



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