Major Project Update: PROJECT COMPLETE!

I feel as though I have crossed the finish line even though I still have to complete my summary of learning. But I am happy to say that my major project is complete! I am anxious to say that it’s complete because the end product isn’t the product I thought I would end up with when I started the project. That’s not to say I’m not happy with my final product, I just hope it serves the purpose of the course outline and allows others to learn from it. I have to say that I learned a lot from my project and am excited to put these apps to good use when I return to work after maternity leave. I am most happy with my review of Socrative and think it will be the most useful to me moving forward. It wasn’t easy getting from start to finish. There were a lot of road blocks and I had to explore a lot of apps before I was able to decide on the final three.

At the start of the project I had hoped to explore a few social media apps that are popular with teenagers so that I could become more familiar with the apps (especially the privacy issues/policies). I was thinking of doing Snapchat, Instagram and YikYak or Kik. I wanted to explore these apps because I thought it would help to understand the privacy issues in regards to students using the apps. I also thought it would be helpful to understand why these apps are so popular with students. I wanted to learn more about the apps so that when students talk about them in school I know what they are talking about. The problem with a lot of these apps is that you need to have followers or friends that also have the app if you really want to use it to it’s full potential. The other problem was that I use Snapchat and Instagram from time to time so I wouldn’t have learned a whole lot from using either of those apps.

I decided to focus more on educational apps and websites that can be helpful in the classroom which lead me to explore Evernote, Explain Everything and Socrative. It took me a while to end up at these final apps because I had tried so many other apps. I explored Baiboard, Kahoot, Pear Deck, Educreations, TenMarks and Doceri and had various reasons for not using them to review for my project. Some of them I found to be too complex requiring a lot of work in order to set up and use them while others just didn’t serve the purpose I was hoping they would.

I have explored Evernote, Explain Everything and Socrative looking at how they can be used in the classroom, privacy policies and the message we are sending to students by using each medium. Although I could use each app in my classroom I know I would most likely use Socrative the most followed by Explain Everything and Evernote (you can read why on my major project website). I actually struggled with Explain Everything as mentioned in a previous post, but I was able to make some sample videos to show how I would use it in my class.

Towards the end of my major project I was introduced The Answer Pad on twitter. I have since spent a little bit of time exploring the application and I am hoping that I will be able to use it in my class in the place of Socrative. The Answer Pad seems to be a little more useful for a math class which will be really helpful for me. I plan to spend some time over the holidays exploring this further to see how well it works and whether or not it is user friendly and easy to use.

I hope that my project provides you with a detailed review so that you can decide whether the apps will be useful to you or your students. Here is a link to my finish project. I plan to continue adding reviews as I try out more apps so check back for future updates. Enjoy!



One thought on “Major Project Update: PROJECT COMPLETE!

  1. Ashley, I really appreciate in your journey to explore these tools in learning that you took the time to thoroughly look not only the effectiveness of the tools, but even things like Terms of Use. in my current role, I am continuously looking at Terms of Use and … it can be quite challenging to find out what you want! Sounds like you found some great formative resources with Answer Pad and Socrative in exploring student understanding. What I appreciate is that you are taking the time to slowly explore the tools and the relevance, not just grab at the next shiny thing.

    Thank you for sharing your reflections on these tools and the implications for learning!


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