Major Project Update: Socrative

I am happy to say that my final project is nearing completion. Okay maybe that’s being too optimistic, but it really is coming along nicely. I have spent this past week really looking into Socrative. I must say that I cannot wait to get back into the classroom to test this out with my students. The app is extremely user friendly and I can see so many uses for it in the classroom.

I recently came across this resource explaining 3 ways that open response questions can be used in the classroom with Socrative. I am a really big fan of gathering student questions using the quick response option. It would be an easy way for students to ask questions from their homework that they need help with. Once students respond with questions they are struggling with, students can look at all of the options and vote on the questions they want answered so that it prioritizes them for me allowing me to answer the question most students have. I really like the voting option for the quick response short answer questions.

I also like the idea of using the quick response short answer questions for brainstorming in class. It is a great way for students to get involved and provide answers as opposed to just shouting answers out. I like that you can have student names be anonymous so that they don’t have to be scared of sharing their answers. Names will appear for the teacher when you run a report so you can see who submitted each response.

I have been busy making tutorials for Socrative today and have a few more to go before I am done. I haven’t started my Explain Everything tutorials yet, but I don’t feel like they will be as in depth and hopefully won’t take me as long. I still have some Evernote tutorials as well. Hoping I can get things done within the next week so I can focus on my summary of learning.


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