Major Project Update

I took a break from my major project this past week as I was visiting family in Vancouver and had a hard enough time reading the articles and making sure I was available to connect in class this past Monday. Since being home I have had a opportunity to look at my progress again and reevaluate where I am at and where I need to be. Here is where I am at with exploring each of my apps.

Evernote – Done exploring the app as well as looking into ways it can be used in the classroom by both me and the students. I have also finished looking over and summarizing the terms of service and privacy policy. My look at ‘the medium is the message’ is also completed. I have made some tutorials, but I need to finish the rest of my tutorials.

Explain Everything – I have spent some time playing around with the app and thing I have the ins and outs figured out. I have learned how to upload documents from Dropbox to the app so I can write right onto the documents. I have created some videos to test it out. I will be working on my tutorials this week by using screen shots of the app. I need to look at the privacy issues as well as the message for this app.

Socrative – I have spent some time creating quizzes and checking out the other feedback options. I was hoping that I would be able to create my own question using the exit slip option but it appears that the three questions offered are the only questions that can be used as exit slips. If I want to do a short answer exit slip I will have to create a one question quiz for students to use. I haven’t been able to explore the whole app yet and haven’t created a student account to see how it works from a student perspective.

If I had to give each app a percent based on completion I would say that Evernote is 95%, Explain Everything is 40% and Secretive is 20%. There is still a lot of work to be done which makes me a little nervous as there is only a few weeks left in class. I will really have to focus and get things done!

My project will be presented in the form of a weebly webpage. You can check out my progress by clicking here.


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