Two Steps Forward…One Step Back

I have once again made a change to the apps I will be doing for my final project. I have been finding that a lot of the apps I have come across are not as user friendly as I thought they would be (although they had good reviews). If I want to find an app that I will actually use in the classroom it has to be user friendly no questions asked! I also found that a lot of the apps require you to upgrade to a paid version to really get a useful app.

After spending some time looking at BaiBoard I decided that it’s just not what I thought it was. I liked that you can share the whiteboard allowing more than one user to work on the whiteboard space at a time, but I was hoping you would be able to use real-time audio while working on the whiteboard. I thought that you could share the whiteboard and talk at the same time so that you and others could collaborate more easily. You can only record your voice by holding down the recording button which will then send a message to the user you are sharing the board with. I was hoping that students would be able to share the whiteboard and help each other out with math homework while at their own homes.  It looks like it would be a really good app to collaborate to make a poster or create a slide to share in class, but it just wasn’t what I had hoped it would be. I think that I will be using Explain Everything instead of BaiBoard because it seems to be much more user friendly.

I also spent some time looking at Pear Deck. It is a great platform, but you have to make a slideshow in order to use the platform. You would have to develop your lesson using the platform or download existing presentations from Google Drive in order to use the interactive features of the site. Again, it just didn’t seem like it was user-friendly enough for me.

I was lead to Socrative and Kahoot through the Google+ community and comments from Amy and Rochelle. Kristina also shared a link on Twitter that brought me to Socrative. I think that I will spend some more time looking at Socrative to replace my original though of Pear Deck.

I know that time is ticking away and I need to make my decision and get started learning how to use the app. I also need to think about it’s use in the classroom and consider privacy issues. It is a little frustrating to have already explored quite a few apps only to find that they aren’t what I was hoping they would be. Hopefully these new apps will allow me to make a lot more progress. I don’t want to end up sticking with an app simply because I am running out of time and need to get the work completed. I want it to be meaningful. If I find that I can’t find an app that is useful in the classroom I will probably change my attack and focus more on social media apps such as Snapchat and Instagram.

On a more positive note I have almost completed my Evernote exploration. I have a few more tutorials to make and then I need to finish off the privacy aspect of it. Here is one of my tutorial videos that I made. 


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