Major Project Update

Here is an update on where I am at with my final project.

I had originally planned on doing Evernote, Explain Everything and Snapchat for my app review but realized that I had somewhat randomly selected those apps. I thought I would do them because I had heard of them before and even have the snapchat app (although I certainly am no expert). I decided that it was silly to just randomly pick apps and did a little bit more research thanks to the help of classmates like Shaun who shared some great app review lists. After looking through the resources that were shared by classmates I decided that I wanted to stick with Evernote but drop both Explain Everything and Snapchat. I wanted to select apps that would help me in my flipped classroom and also allow students to work collaboratively with one another and engage in the lesson with a device.

Photo Credit: Barrett.Discovery via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Barrett.Discovery via Compfight cc

I have decided to replace Explain Everything with BaiBoard which is more of a collaborative whiteboard than just a screen capture. I went a completely different route from Snapchat and decided I wanted to focus on something that can be interactive and provide feedback from students during class. For my last app I have decided on Pear Deck. It allows students to anonymously answer questions using their tablet, phone or computer during class. I am really excited to use this one because I think it can be a great tool for students who are maybe too shy to speak out in class. It could also be used to encourage students to respond using their device as opposed to just blurting out answers so that everyone gets a chance to speak. There are so many other awesome features that I won’t get into right now because I don’t want to spoil it for my final project.

I am just about done with my first app review, Evernote, but still feel like I have quite a bit of work to do before the review is completed. I have started a Weebly webpage that I will be using to present my final project. The website is FAR from being done, but you can check out what I have done so far here.

On my website you will see a homepage with links to other pages on my website for each app that I will be reviewing. If you check out the Evernote link it will take you to my Evernote review. You should be able to see that I have a lot of video tutorials that I plan to make using a screen casting app. Those will be uploaded to the site and you will be able to see how Evernote can be used in the classroom.

I hope I am on the right track. The biggest issue for me right now is determining how to interact with others using the websites and apps. I have had to use my work email and personal email to see how things are shared with others within the app. I don’t know if I have provided enough information or if I should elaborate more. Obviously the tutorials will add a lot more to the page. Let me know what you think so far. Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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