My major project dilemma.

I decided during the first week of class that I would be choosing option #2 for our final project. This option requires me to select some apps that students use and become more familiar with them. As a high school teacher I think it’s important to understand the latest trends with social media because a lot of the students I teach use some form of social media everyday. I found some apps that I think will be interesting to delve into, but I cannot decide which ones I want to do. I have to do 2-4 and it should be a mix of both social media and educational. Initially I had thought about doing instagram and snapchat for my social media apps as those follow directly behind Facebook based on the percent of teenagers using those social media according to this study.  However I use both of these so I don’t want to learn more about them because I feel I have a pretty good understanding of them already. I have also started using twitter and google+ so I think those are out as well. Which leads me to my next choices; Tumblr, Vine, and YikYak. If anyone has any experience with these apps or would like to learn more about them from my project I would love your opinion on which to choose. I would like to choose two of the three to focus on for the social media aspect of my project.

In regards to the educational aspect, the apps I am tossing around are Khan Academy, Evernote and screen capturing apps like Showme, Educreations and Explain Everything. I feel as though this could be beneficial to me and my students as an extra resource for the classes I teach. Khan is almost like an online tutor with different lessons and videos for students based on specific topics. I am also interested in seeing what Evernote has to offer. I know some students of mine were using it in the past and they encouraged me to try it out but I never really looked into it. I feel as thought it could be something I could integrate into my classroom with projects for my students. The next educational branch I am looking at is a screen casting app where you can record your voice and demonstrate things using your computer screen. There are three apps that are quite similar that I am trying to decide between: Showme, Educreations, and Explain Everything. If you have any experience with any of the apps listed I would love to hear from you. If there is something that really interests you or makes you curious about it please let me know. That might help sway my decision! I’m a terrible decision maker so any input would be greatly appreciated.


One thought on “My major project dilemma.

  1. I feel your pain Ashley. I was trying to understand more about social media sites and chose Instagram and Snapchat. I also chose tumblr but it is more of a blogging site and I would need followers for all three. I may step back from the last one and use an educational app extensively with some of my non readers and writers. My search continues!!


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