And so it begins…

The start of my third class en route to completing my masters in EC&I. I am excited, anxious and eager to get going this semester. I consider myself somewhat tech savvy but the thought of keeping up with all of the posts from classmates does make me nervous. I am looking forward to reading what everyone has to share and learning from you. I hope to share some things you will also find interesting and beneficial to your overall learning experience in this class.

This isn’t my first time blogging. I had a blog up and running for a class I took from Alec in 2007 but I didn’t keep up with it after I finished the class. Well that’s not entirely true…at some point I used a blog while I was travelling through Europe to keep my family and friends up to date with my travels; but sadly I don’t remember the address for that blog. The thought of having my writing on display for everyone to see makes me a little nervous because I am not the best writer out there. My grammar can sometime be poor and I feel as though my writing may be dry. But I will do my best to write posts that are interesting and relevant.

Although I am a little nervous to get going this semester I am really looking forward to everything that we will be learning about. I feel like the topics we discuss will really help me in the classroom as I move forward in my teaching career!


One thought on “And so it begins…

  1. Hey Ashley! I can relate to your hesitant feelings about blogging! The only experience I had with blogging was when I was backpacking through Peru a couple years ago. I feel the same way about grammar errors when blogging! I am constantly checking everything I write for errors. I have only posted a couple entries but I think I will enjoy being able to share my ideas with others. Good luck!


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